Sedric welcomes you to the future 

Sometimes you get a glimpse of the future that just makes you want to bury your head in the sand and pray it never happens. Meet Sedric VW’s new fully autonomous car. Yes in the next 8 years we could all be zipping about in these absolutely awful little boxes. 
Sedric is an acronym for Self Driving Car, but frankly i’d rather they’d not shortened it. Fully electric and autonomous, Sedric has 2 plus 2 seating inside with no pedals or a steering wheel. With just a click of the key it will come to your beacon call to collect you and take you to where you need to go. 

VW is pouring money into autonomous technology right now to get a Sedric on the road by 2025. This particular concept is being shown at the Geneva motor show right now. What do you think, are you looking forward to the autonomous future with Sedric or dreading it? 

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