The New Contenders- 2017 F1 Cars

This year’s F1 cars have now all been launched and the teams are in Barcelona getting to test them in anger for the first time. This year sees some radical changes to the design rules leading to cars which are much more aggressive and expected to be 6 seconds quicker than last years. This year sees a return to the larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels of the past and the introduction of shark fins to varying degrees on the cars. Unfortunately some teams have also returned us to the stepped noses of the past as well. Anyway here is the line up:

Mclaren have returned to their roots with this orange livery although most will just remember the awful arrows car of the 90s/2000s
Haas are back with their second F1 entry with a smart looking car
This years Ferrari has massive side pods and an awful nose
This years Sauber is a massive improvement on last years bargain basement looking car, more like the 96/97 Williams car
Speaking of Williams their 2017 car looks smart, although continues the weird thumb nose thing.
Renault are taking F1 seriously and have embraced the new shark fin era strongly
The new Red Bull 13 carries on the theme from last season with a great looking entry
Toro Roso have had a change of scheme for 17 but it is a welcome one with this fantastic looking entry
Force India have kept it pretty similar to last season in terms of scheme but the shark fin appears to of been a bit of an afterthought for the paint guys
The Mercedes is looking fantastic for 2017 with an elegant nose, subtle shark fin and a low rear spoiler

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