Norway plans to remove Petrol and Diesel cars within 8 years

Whilst Norway already heavily incentivises the sale of electric cars, which make up 22% of the new car market there, the government now plan to take things a step further. The plan is to have every new car sold in 2025 be a zero or low emission vehicle. Norway believes with the right policies in place they would tax the polluters more to the extent that people would be driven to buying ev and low emission vehicles, so that by 2025 people would only buy these and not petrol or diesel cars. They haven’t explained exactly what ‘low emissions’ means but the ambition to not have even petrol cars suggests this isn’t likely to be the ultra low emission petrols we are used to.

The increase in electric cars this year, which they expect to rise to 30% of all new cars sales, alone would require 25,000 charging ports for electric vehicles which is a substantial infrastructure investment. Norway has a history of being the front-runner in environmentally friendly policies but this would be monumental for the motor industry. The rest of the world will be watching very carefully to see how succesful this is for Norway, pressing ahead will put them as a potential leader to other european countries and the rest of the world.

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