Volvo outsold in Sweden for first time since 1962

It’s taken more than 50 years but Volvo has been outsold in Sweden for the first time since 1962. In that year VW outsold Volvo and it’s VW who have taken top spot again (in 2016), just 54 years later. 

Volvo is by far the most popular car brand in its home, Sweden, with 22% of Swedish drivers currently in a Volvo. However last year the succes of the VW Golf in particular gave VW 6% of the market, edging out Volvo with 5.7%. This comes as a surprise given the ‘diesel gate’ that came forward last year, when VW were found to not be looking the right way when checking the emissions of their vehicles. 

Volvo on the other hand has a legendary reputation for quality, a typical Scandinavian alternative style and safety. It has had some difficult times recently, in 2010 it was sold off by Ford to a Chinese firm after Ford themselves got into trouble. Furthermore their biggest selling model, the v70, has recently been replaced by the v90 which was met with good reviews, but has not met its predecessors sales figures as yet. 

This makes 2017 an interesting year for Volvo with the Swedish title back up for grabs. Volvo will be hopeful the v90 can match its predecessor’s sales to bring the title back home. 

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