An electric Mustang is on the way

Back in the 1990s there were protests outside Ford in the USA after it was revealed the latest Mustang would be front wheel drive and based on a smaller car ‘Fox’ body. Ford backed off and developed a full Mustang instead with a V8 and rear wheel drive. 

By 2020 Ford plans to now produce a hybrid Mustang. Electricity powering a Mustang seems like as big a betrayal of what makes a Mustang as the plans back in the early 1990s. However this time I suspect there won’t be the huge protests. Ford will keep the V8 but ontop of that big torquey V8 you will get the huge and instant torque of an electric motor. The result will be more performance than ever. 

Ford is taking electric and autonomous technology seriously with big investment due over the next 5 years. CEO Mark Fields said “We at Ford plan to be a leader in electrification, autonomy and also connectivity”. 

The lack of protests at Ford today suggest the backlash won’t be coming this time, things have moved on a lot since the 1990s and so has the Mustang. 

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