The Best Ford RS adverts

I was on my usual morning commute with all the usual dreariness associated with that: grey dark sky, traffic, the knowledge of knowing I am at least 9 hours away from not being at work. When out of the dreariness, in front of me pulled a Mk2 Ford Escort RS2000. It was bright red and looked in immaculate condition. I followed it, choking on its fumes (it turns out catalytic converters do work), and then spent most of my journey day dreaming about it and the other RS cars. This inevitably lead to watching endless videos on YouTube but I was able to rescue some productivity by compiling this list. So this is the list of the best RS adverts of all time:

My favourite of them all, just for the first 5 seconds where we get to see a mk2 Escort Rs2000 looking forlorn

The most recent Ford Focus RS advert, which considering it’s a new advert is actually not bad, you actually see the car and everything

This one is an absolute 90s classic, and a fantastic car considering most of the late escorts were pretty disappointing

An excellent mk2 escort advert, great because the only reason it is called a harrier is because it “takes off”

If you only watch one video this is the one to watch, not even an RS car but just an incredible advert. In what appears to be an age, the only change made in the whole advert appears to be the bumper changing colour.

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