Should we respect Nico Rosberg or be ashamed?

Unless you have been at the North Pole for the past month, or get your broadband from Talk Talk, you may have noticed that Nico Rosberg won the Formula 1 world championship and then retired from the sport. That was a shock.

Firstly it was a shock he won the title- considering Hamilton won more races, has won it three times before, oh yeh, and is a better driver. Even so, just as you thought, ‘he’s done it, he’s finally beat him, and now he is going to have the confidence to really take on Lewis’… he retired. Lewis was brutal in his reaction. Despite having known about it before the public announcement, he hadn’t used the time to compose himself and come up with a diplomatic or sportman like approach. Instead he did the most ‘Lewis’ thing ever, which was to just dismiss it, undermine it and display the general bitterness that only a true winner can pull out in the circumstances.

Anyway he won it, so then there is the retirement itself. Nico explained he had put everything into this season. Putting aside his domestic and parental responsibilities, focusing on recovery and training (that’s a great excuse btw for doing nothing around the house). Even so he believed he had put every last drop of energy into this season, and he couldn’t bring himself to do it again. So he was calling it a day altogether.

On the one hand it is admirable. Nico had assessed the situation, thought he couldn’t put his family through it again, couldnt repeat it again, so rather than slowly dwindling down like many before him, he left on top. He is putting his family first which in the world of multi million pound motorsport, is admirable. It also means rather than just fill a seat in the best car on the grid, like all of Schumacher’s team mates, he is leaving it to someone else to come in and challenge Lewis.


However… there is the other side. Nico put everything into this season and he still only managed to win due to Lewis having bad luck with engines. He also drives the fastest car on the grid, and has the chance of a lifetime to be in the car that has a chance to win the championship. He’s a multi millionaire, which means if he really wanted to get some child care he probably could sort that out. He’s won the title by hook or crook, and now has the opportunity to springboard into another attack on the title, yet just days after winning it he’s thrown in the towel. It’s like he cannot believe he actually just got away with it, he’s taken the casino, and he is running away. Now that isn’t the behaviour of a champion. A champion wins because they are the best in the world, and then they do it all again, to prove they are still the best. That’s the most disappointing thing about this situation. For all the Nico fans out there, his decision to just walk away illustrates he genuinely isn’t as good as Hamilton. Having won as a result of Hamilton’s bad luck, he isn’t even going to try and face him again, and that stinks of someone without the spirit of a champion.

So whilst it may be difficult to come to terms with, Lewis was right, it’s the first time he has beat him in 18 years, so when he did, he took his winnings and left. Ultimately though Lewis will be remembered as a great and Nico will be remembered by some.

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