Weird things that happened at the US Grand Prix

If you happened to miss the US GP yesterday, then what you missed was the motor racing equivalent of a rollover. Lewis Hamilton did exactly what he needed to do by winning the race, but because Rosberg came second, we go into Mexico with the pressure ranked up a notch on Lewis. Even with this being the case, there was some weird stuff that happened that you should find quite interesting.


Verstappen likes Breaking Stuff

Verstappen had a day to forget, coming into the pits for a tyre change that no one asked him to come in for, his response being he thought they had called him in. Not sure how you can misinterpret the sound of ‘BOX BOX BOX, BOX this lap’ but he did. After a lengthy delay which had already ruined his race his engine/transmission then started knocking badly and he lost almost all power. Most people would hear this sound half a lap round and pull over immediately, given the likelihood of changing the gearbox or engine in a pitstop is quite low. But Max continued on, eventually stopping somewhere that led to a virtual safety car, which then allowed Rosberg a free pit stop and totally ruined any chance of Ricardo being able to challenge Rosberg. When asked post race about it, he claimed the team told him to continue, and whilst we will never no this seems highly unlikely.


Ferrari have Lost the Plot

Ferrari demonstrated yet again why Red Bull are streaking ahead of them, by being totally inept at strategy . Unfortunately for Kimi Raikkonen it was his turn to be on the receiving end this week. Random tyre choices, by 3 stopping him when two stopping was clearly better, and then on that final stop (that he shouldnt of needed), just not putting the tyre on. The strangest bit though was that whilst Kimi rolled backwards down the hill back into the pit lane, his team were no where to be seen. Not one person went up there to help, they just left him to roll back down and then climb out. It seemed like a team void of any communication.


How fast are Mclaren?

Mclaren had another weird day. Having looked awful in Japan, McLaren suddenly looked like a team that were there to race. They may have lucked out with a number of retirements but they genuinely appeared to be the fourth best team on the day. For McLaren, given the season they have had, that was a strong result. Given their total lack of consistency though we cannot be sure where they will be turning up in Mexico, or even if they will finish the race.

Oh and Daniel Ricciardo got Gerard Butler to drink Red Bull from his shoe.

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