A Few Very Important Lessons from US Qualifying 

Qualifying has primed us for a great US Grand Prix. We have the two title contenders on the front row, in the same car. Lewis Hamilton on pole, exactly where he needs to be to keep the title race alive. But qualifying has also shown us some important lessons.


Lewis was Right

You only need watch the post qualifying press conference to see exactly what Lewis Hamilton was talking about in Japan. Having just broke the record for the fastest lap time ever around the track, Lewis and the other two drivers go into a press conference. The guy should be bouncing off the walls, full of adrenaline. Instead it’s the dullest, media trained to death interview, you’ve seen. It was like they were being asked what they thought the philosophy of turn 4 was. If the bosses of F1 want to know why people are turning off the sport, look no further. The press conferences are just another example of an ingrained stale format that the sport is becoming enveloped by where passion and charisma are pushed out.


Jenson Button is Never Coming Back

Jenson Button has done the deal of the century (in his opinion) where he runs off for a year to have ‘me time’. Then he comes back and slips back in the driving seat of a McLaren which by then will be a front runner, if he fancies it. It’s flawless. The only problem being, it now appears Jenson has done a deal with a dead man. Yes Ron Dennis is finally leaving McLaren. Whilst this could be the best thing or the worst thing to very happen to McLaren, it’s unlikely to be anything but bad for Jenson. Whoever takes over probably won’t have the same sympathy towards Jensen and probably won’t see a 38 year old, with huge wage demands and a year out of practice, as the future of his team either. Sorry Jenson.


Red Bull Return

It looks like Red Bull have found their mojo again, and that might be because Adrian Newey is showing a much greater interest in next years car. Not only does their chassis seem to be getting better and better, but they have been challenging Mercedes more and more in the closing races of the season. Whilst Mercedes will have moved to development on 2017’s cars, so will red bull, and now Renault are back in the sport they should get a much stronger engine next season. Look out for a 4 horse race next season.

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