‘Lynk & Co’ and ‘Geely’ two names you’re going to hear about

So the biggest news this week (aside from the US presidential slinging match and the battle for Mosul), was the launch of a new car. At first glance it looks like any other 4×4 (or if you have conformed to the US naming thang- SUV). But this car will prove to be hugely significant and that cannot be emphasised enough.


For years we have been warned the chinese are coming! But now… the Chinese are coming. Lynk and Co are part of a company called Geely, who actually own Volvo. So underneath this car is essentially an XC-90, being engineered by senior Volvo people in Gothenburg and based on the XC-90 (not a bad base for your car). However this car, called the 01 (which is an awful name), places connectivity and tech at its heart. The interior looks very contemporary and modern but nothing mind blowing, rather it’s one of the cars other features which has created a stir. The 01 features an option to ‘share my car’ where at the click of a button you can rent out your car to others. It’s unclear exactly how willing people will be to rent out their own car to strangers to ride around in, but it’s certainly a novel idea like an air bnb for cars.

Other interesting features are the total lack of options, and the total lack of dealerships. Instead the car can only be purchased online, meaning no haggling on the price, and there will be 10 ‘lines’, much like the fashion world to chose from. This marks a big departure from the traditional world of car ownership. This car will go on sale in 2018 here and late 2017 in China. If this car is succesful, not only could it change the whole way we buy and own our vehicles, but it could also shake up the whole makeup of the industry, with companies having to adapt or die to the new world.

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