Clarkson and co spend big for their TV return

It’s now under a month until Jeremy Clarkson and co, return to our screens. On 18th November, The Grand Tour will be streaming to homes all over the UK as the ‘real’ Top Gear makes it’s comeback. Unlike the days when license payers would complain about their fees being spent on exploding caravans, now Jez is free to spend whatever he wants, and it seems they have wasted no time at all. The title sequence alone has cost £2.5m making it the most expensive ever, and if that is anything to go by, don’t expect anything in this series to have the supermarket ownbrand look to it.


After a difficult first season for new Top Gear, under a torrent of media speculation, ultimately ending with Chris Evans resigning, the return of the old guard is the last thing the BBC will want to see. Even worse the preview for Clarkson and co’s new series makes it appear that they have lost none of their old magic (see trailer below).

The new series will take place all over the world, with each weeks studio installments being filmed in a different location. If you want tickets you need to be an Amazon Prime member, and you can apply to be on the show. The countdown is on…

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