Absolutely Huge Weekend for Hamilton- Do not miss it

This weekend marks the US Grand Prix and an absolutely massive moment for Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is currently 33 points behind Nico Rosberg, in the championship with 4 races left. With a race win giving you 25 points and second place picking up just 18, Lewis would need to do more than just beat Nico in every single race, he needs a bit of a miracle, but a win this weekend would be a big help.

Lewis Hamilton has won in Austin the last two years

Even more frustrating for Lewis, despite being in the same car as Nico, he has had the majority of the reliability problems, causing much of his downfall this season. With the US grand Prix being a favourite track of Hamiltons, and the place where he won the title last season, this is a weekend to watch.

Lewis currently stands as a triple world champion, but it is still a constant bug bear to see Vettel on the grid as a younger four time world champion, and Hamilton will be chomping at the bit to change that. Becoming a four time world champion, would take Hamilton to a level that few could challenge, having the visible talent and the trophies to show it.

 Nico Rosberg leads the Drivers' Championship by 33 points

Nico meanwhile is yet to get a single world title and with Hamilton haven beat him twice in the same car, this is the chance he has been waiting for to show he isn’t just a number two to Hamilton. Whatever way this goes, it will be huge for the championship so don’t miss it, lights out at 7pm, Sunday, UK time.

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