New York Motor Show

The New York Motor Show took place last week and you could be forgiven for not knowing this, as not a lot really happened. The show was fairly quiet in attendance but also light on content. There was a fair few reveals on show but not a lot that could be considered note worthy unless you count the 2017 Toyota Prius as note worthy. 

That said there is always a few diamonds in the rough, so here are the cars you might actually be interested in. 

The Camaro ZL1 (the one with 640bhp) has lost its head and looks all the better for it.  

Fiat showed off their mx5 eater, the 124 spider abarth which is turbocharged and looks to of brought back the Matt black bonet!


It’s the 50th anniversary of the Mustang and so the legendary partnership of Hertz and the Mustang has been reformed for the occasion, celebrating the brief rent a racer craze that came with the original Mustang.  

 Impreza fans will be glad to see the Impreza looking more like it’s true self again after that brief hatchback phase  

Mazda unveiled a fastback version of the MX5 with a retractable roof which looks superb.


Lastly a nice weird one from the US, the new Lincoln Navigator concept which will likely never see the light of day, or if it did, never make it to the UK, but wouldn’t an SUV with gull wing doors just be fantastic.


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