Jaguar Land Rover take Classics Seriously

Jaguar Land Rover are flying high right now, bringing out hit after hit, gaining sales and critical acclaim to boot. It seems they are not content with just making some of the best cars in the world though, so they’ve decided to rewrite the rule book on classic cars as well.

It used to be that if you had a classic car, you could depend on the manufacturer up to a point, but at some stage they would cut the ties. Like a fledging chick then you would be left to fend for yourself on eBay, hunting around for the last remaining rusty parts, and paying a small fortune for the privilege. Likewise if you decided to go all professional and get a specialist to restore your classic you could end up feeling like a lamb amongst wolves. High demand for restorers, long waiting lists and limited regulation or come back, left many ‘specialists’ in a commanding position. 

That was the past though because Jaguar Land Rover just changed that game. At their newly opened centre, Jaguar Land Rover will restore your classic for you, giving you all the usual Jaguar assurances of quality. They will also be providing new high quality parts where parts aren’t available. All of this in their gleaming workshop in Coventry.

The only catch is, it’s not cheap, so unless you own an e-type or a Series 1 Land Rover, you may want to wait until your classic rises in value before you head down there for a quote on that restoration. 


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