TVR return gets a step closer

TVR have announced they will be building their new cars at a new factory next to the circuit of Wales. If you have not heard of the Circuit of Wales don’t worry you aren’t the laughing stock of racing, it hasn’t been built yet. The circuit is due to be finished this year and TVR will complete their factory in 2018. 

The Company plans to have cars rolling off the production line in 2018 and already has 350 deposits on the launch car, enough to keep the factory busy until 2019. The new TVR will be totally different from the cars that have procedded it, being based on Gordon Murray’s iStream process, means the car can take a hit but doesn’t cost a fortune to make. 

TVR won’t be stopping there though over the next 10 years they plan to bring 4 new models and produce 2000 cars a year. When they look as good as the designs being shown, that won’t be difficult! 


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