Here Come the New Pretenders 

Over the next couple of weeks we will be treated to the launches of this seasons new F1 cars. This will be our first look at the new liveries and designs which the teams have been working on for, in some cases (McLarens), the last 12 months. 

The launches will be coming thick and fast over these couple of weeks so here is a quick run down:

Feb 19th- Ferrari launch 

Feb 21st- McLaren 

Feb 22nd- Red Bull,Haas,Manor,Williams

March 1st- Sauber

Many of the launches will co-incide with the first test in Barcelona on 22nd up until 25th. Mercedes are the only big name to of not given a date for their launch. A lot of eyes will be on McLaren who fired up their engine for the first time this week, fingers cross it will be more reliable than its predecessor. 

The season is coming up fast now and lights will go out in Melbourne on 20th March!

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