Is New Top Gear going all Old 5th Gear? 

One of the problems with old 5th Gear was there was 82 presenters who constantly changed.  This meant you ended up with no chemistry between them and little airtime from each of them, making the whole things a big mix of pretend ‘banter’ and little substance. 

New Top Gear was obviously keen to avoid having 3 presenters, so it couldn’t be compared with Old Top Gear, and so just doubled it. This seems risky but maybe it will all be ok, maybe they will find a format that works for all 6 of them. The question though is who are they:

Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc need no introduction, both are famous for huge television shows, and Chris for hosting the biggest radio show in the country. Both are also massive petrol heads. 

Eddie Jordan- Eddie is a Formula One legend. He used to own his own team and he was always known as a big character in the pit lane. He also fills the void left by Richard Hammond’s lack of height. More recently he has been a presenter on the BBC F1 coverage and so will have no problem with getting his opinions across.

Sabine Schmitz is a German racing driver and presenter of German top gear, she’s featured in a number of old Top Gear episodes and will be the first woman presenter on Top Gear since Vicky Butler Henderson.

Chris Harris- Chris is famous for his YouTube channel, where he reviews cars. He’s also written for Evo and Autocar but being a full blown presenter and having to interact with other presenters on screen will be new to him. 

Rory Reid- most people’s first reaction to seeing his name will have been-who? Rory is another YouTube celeb, so like Chris he will need to adjust to life being a presenter on a tv show. Chris had said his audition ‘blew him away’ and he’s the only person to make it through the open auditions too.

So there they are, all of them, let’s hope there really is safety in numbers. 

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