Mourinho, a Frozen Lake and the Jaguar F pace 

When you’ve been sacked yet again, and you have nothing to do for a few months, there really is only one thing to do… go to a frozen lake in Sweden and drift a Jaguar around. It doesn’t neccesarily seem to of help Mourinho get back in touch with his inner most self, but it has made him place an order for a Jaguar F-Pace so at least Jaguar have got something good out of it.

The Jaguar F-Pace has been promoted heavily lately. It’s already the best looking off-roader in its class, and now Jaguar are trying to prove that it’s also the best off-roader too. Being best buds with Land Rover, Jaguar will of used all their friends tips to make sure this can hold its own in a boggy field. 

So to prove it really can off-road, they’ve taken it 30 miles from the artic circle to slide it around. Jaguar will also leave this open to customers so if you want an ice driving experience you can head up to Sweden and book into Jaguars ice driving experience, and you’ll be sliding an F-Pace around in no time. So next time it’s a bit frosty here in the UK you can laugh at the poor simpletons as you slide round that roundabout. 

The launch for this car will be in a couple of months when we will find how it stacks up against the completion, but for now it has the Jose seal of approval. 

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