Tesla have produced a car that has 762bhp!!

Tesla have released their latest car the model S P90D, and it has a ‘Ludicrous’ button. Despite clearly having a sense of humour, having a mode called ‘Ludicrous’, it’s a shame they didn’t spread that to the name of the car, ‘p90D’ doesn’t have the same impact as XFR or AMG. 

Bad names aside however this is a genuinely significant car, because this car has 762bhp and 713lb of torque. Plus being electric that power comes instantaneously! What’s more it has a range of 260 miles, which means unlike other electric cars it can actually go somewhere. It still has a 30 minute minimum charging time to get that though, which is still the achilles heel of electric cars. 

Just thinking of that power though, this car is capable of 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. That is ridiculously fast for a four door saloon. What’s more it has loads of trick features like a huge touch pad that has hidden features like a James Bond theme if you change the name of the car to 007 and can change lanes on its own. 

The downside is the price is £81,000 and frankly given the choice of this or an XFR, the XFR wins every time. Up till now electric cars have never matched the best of the petrol cars but could this car be a sign of things to come, is the future really electric? 

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