Aston have another go at the Lagonda

Almost 40 years ago some engineers at Aston Martin took a Rolls Royce for a drive and thought, ‘we can do better than that’. The result was the Lagonda, a barge like car that despite being full of character, was also full of problems. Needless to say it didn’t sell well and those that did sell were soon back at the dealers being fixed.

Aston Martin didn’t mention the Lagonda for 30 years, hoping everyone would forget they once tried to turn the dashboard into a giant Casio watch. However someone obviously still remembers it, because it’s back!

The new Lagonda, the Lagonda Taraf, certainly out shines its predecessor in the looks department. But there is more evidence that Aston won’t be making the same mistake; the dashboard is all taken straight from the Rapide, as are the engine and drivetrain. So there shouldn’t be any of the reliability problems which plagued the original.

This car is made to be driven in rather than driven, and is firmly aimed at the super rich. And that is Rich with a capital R. The new Lagonda costs £685,000. That sounds a lot, but it’s more than a lot. For that you could buy two Rolls Royce Phantoms and pick up an Aston Martin Vantage as well! It’s also not as well equipped in the back as the Rolls Royce, but the guarantee with this car is, you’ll never park next to another one. 

Worth the money or another flop for the Lagonda name? 


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