Top Gear Confirm Second Host 

Matt LeBlanc has been announced as the second host for New Top Gear, alongside Chris Evans. Matt LebBlanc was previously a guest on old Top Gear and was well known for being a petrol head, or as they say in the US of A, a ‘Gear Head’. 

LeBlanc is well known for being one of the most laid back people in the world, so should balance out Evan’s off the wall energy. We’ve also heard Sabine Schmidt has been driving Evans round the track, making him sick in the process. But she hasn’t been announced as a host yet, which given the announcement of LeBlanc, seems unusual. So it may well turn out to be the case that Sabine will not present alongside Evans and LeBlanc.

LeBlanc’s confirmation as a host comes as welcome news to New Top Gear which has had its fair share of bad news. The press have highlighted any possible problem since Evans was announced, so much so that James May has now created a conspiracy theory that they are making up these problems for publicity! 

New Top Gear will return in May, and with LeBlanc on board, it finally feels likes there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

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