Renault First to Break Cover with 2016 F1 car

Renault have been grabbing all the headlines this week, and today became the first to show off their new car, for the 2016 season. Having brought the Lotus team at the end of last season Renault, announced their return to F1 and have set themselves a target of podiums in the next three years (which seems a low target). 

Previously Renault had been sent to the naughty corner, when Nelson Pique Junior (their driver at the time) was told to deliberately crash the car to bring out a safety car. This was in a season where Renault weren’t even challenging for the title!

Today though they surprised everyone, whilst most expected them to announce their new driver line up, they went a step further and brought the car too. Pastor Maldonado was kicked out on Monday and so Kevin Magnuson and Jolyon Palmer will be the driver line up for this season. Magnuson making a come back having been dropped by McLaren last season so Alonso could be brought in. 

The new car looks great, although not quite as good as the gold and black of the Lotus before it. The black base from last season has been kept but this year is finished with yellow edging, and they’ve even stolen Infinity as a sponsor from Red Bull. 

What do we think of the new car, and who will be their main competition this season? 


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