It’s happened- Maldonado crashes out of F1

One of the greatest mysteries of F1 has come to an end. Pastor Maldonado has raced in F1 for what will likely be, his final time, as he announced he had left Renault and F1.

Pastor spent most race weekends crashing into something, or more often someone. Despite this he not only retained his seat with his current team but even managed to move from Williams to Lotus. Which suggests that Lotus saw what he was doing at Williams (crashing), and thought ‘yes…we need that’. He moved to Lotus and kept up his reputation, if not exceeded it!

To be fair to Pastor, he was quick on his day, and he actually won a race for Williams, something most drivers never achieve. However the reason it appears he lost his seat, is because his sponsors failed to make the payments required. This suggests he wasn’t racing on talent alone, but rather he brought a considerable amount of financial backing with him, a rumour that had circled around the paddock for a while. 

With Maldonado and Kobayashi now out the sport, Grosjean is left to hold up the torch for crashing into things for no reason. On this sad day for the sport, let’s all take a moment to remember some of Pastors best crashes:

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