End of the Line for the Defender 

Today the last Land Rover Defender will roll off the production line at Land Rover’s Solihull factory. In doing so it will bring about an end to a 67 year production run.

A production run that has seen every conceivable Land Rober produced, from your farm workhorse, to a machine that carried British soldiers into war. Despite having its origins in 1948, the Land Rover is still just as capable off road as anything else and it’s rugged simplicity often means it leaves more modern and fragile offroaders in its wake. To close off production Land Rover has produced three special edition, run out models. 

The Heritage, the Autobiography and the Adventurer, each bring their own piece of Land Rover history to the final run. The heritage harking back to the original rugged nature of the Land Rover. The adventurer, being the ultimate off roader capable of being specified with every conceivable extra that can help you pass the toughest terrain. Finally there is the luxurious Autograph representing the move towards luxury 4x4s which the basic Land Rover produced the platform for. 

With these being the end of the line, it’s likely they will fly off the forecourt as people seek a future classic, and the last tough off roader. Land Rover will produce a replacement this year for the Defender, which no doubt will be as good as the rest of their products, but the greatest compliment of all to the outgoing defender, is there’s never been a tougher act to follow.

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