The Delorean and the Return of the American Muscle car!

A new bill was passed in the USA today which effectively made it possible for classic cars to be produced in low numbers again, without having to conform with various modern safety laws.

The car getting all the headlines is the Delorean, which can now be built from scratch. Meaning you could buy a brand new Delorean. The price being mooted is $100,000 which is twice the going rate of a used one, although it’s difficult to understand how this number has been reached, given the parts being used haven’t been specified yet. 

The original car was based on Cortina brakes, a Renault engine, and a hodge podge of other parts. Many of these are not available anymore or simply don’t match the price tag, so they will need to get a supply of new parts. The new US bill requires the engine being fitted to be fitted as per the manafacturers instructions, and include all the emissions equipment, so there is a job to do in finding and fitting a new power plant in. 

The good news for fans of American Muscle cars is this could mean the production of many of the muscle cars from the past, which the tooling is still available for. So Mustangs and Dodge Challengers to name a couple, could soon be back in production for you to buy with modern engines! Watch this space! 

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