Ford gets out of Japan 

If there was any further proof that was needed, about the difficulty the Americans have in understanding Japanese culture, it came yesterday, when Ford announced they will be pulling out of Japan. To those of us in the UK who are used to seeing Ford Mondeos and Fiestas everywhere, it seems strange to imagine they just don’t sell in Japan. 

Ford only sold 5000 cars in Japan during 2015, and as a result took the decision to pull out of Japan, and Indonesia as well. When you think about the Japanese invasion of the world’s motor industry in the 70s and 80s, it’s strange to think the Japanese know how to sell cars to the whole world, but that a company as successful as Ford cannot sell them a car. 

Either way Fords American Dream Mustang will no longer be available in Japan, and so the Japanese public ( who presumably hadn’t noticed it) will have to settle for their Toyota GT86. After a rough 20 years for the American motor industry, where they failed to understand the Japanese car industry (to their detriment), this reminds us they still haven’t quite grasped it. 

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