F1: The Run Down on the New Season

As the new F1 season approaches we have a quick look at what’s new and what’s changed.

Firstly the season will start on 20th March, with the pre season test on 22nd February in Barcelona. 


The noise should be back this season. Mercedes have already said 2016 engines will be significantly louder, but we will find out in February. On the TV you won’t neccesarily feel the effect, but those lucky enough to attend a race should hopefully see a notable difference.

More Races 

This will be biggest ever season with 21 races. Including the European Grand Prix being at twilight in Azerbaijan! 

Channel 4

BBC is no more. If you are at all serious about watching F1, you really should get Sky. The BBC coverage was fairly awful last year, the commentary duo of David Coultard (the straight faced guy), and the other bloke (the straight faced not sure if he’s new to F1 guy) wasn’t a good combination, and it wasn’t the season before that. Channel 4 have got Coultard, we pray they don’t get the other guy. We will wait and see what their coverage will be like, but they will only show 10 of 21 races so if you want to see them all, Live, in full, get Sky.

Cheap Engines

The dullest conversation ever, now appears to be over, thank god! Bernie threatened to bring in a cheap engine option to F1, but instead all the manafacturers have agreed to reduce the cost of their existing engines to other teams. This means when Williams buys an engine from Mercedes it will be cheaper making it easier for the smaller teams to compete. Good News.

McLaren Honda

Are they faster this year? Are they going to be in for another year of pain? Questions circulate around where McLaren are, the simple answer is we won’t know until the first day of the season. Rumours have been circulating about big power increases, which Honda has played down. They blew up one of last years used engines at the ongoing wet weather test (which the media have gone crazy over), but I think everyone would love to see them fighting for the championship this season.

New liveries

In the next four weeks we will see all the new colour schemes for 2016. Let’s hope Sabaur have changed theres. 


Not for 2016, but should mention it, F1 is worried drivers are getting hit in the head, and so wants to bring in a canopy or Halo thing, round the driver. The options will be shown to the teams this week. Right now it’s not clear if these are top secret or not but expect to at least get some leaked images. This could be the last season without a cockpit. 

Lastly we all are hoping for a Ferrari revival this season, to put Lewis and Vettel head to head! It’ll be like Schumacher vs Damon all over again!

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