Jaguar F-Type gets the SVR treatment

If you’ve driven the Jaguar F-Type you probably thought, it looks great, drives great, but it can only get me to 60 in 4.1 seconds in its highest spec, I need to get there quicker! Despite there only being two people in the world who have ever thought this, Jaguar has listened. So the F-type will be getting a tune from Jaguar’s special vehicle operations team.

What this means is a 4WD, 5.0 V8, putting out 567bhp and 700NM of torque- 700! This is all very much leaked information right now, so no official confirmation, but if it is true, this would make this Jaguar on par with the most powerful production car they have ever made. 

It will of course have some styling tweets such as a bigger rear spoiler, to make it clear to others you bought the SVR and not ‘just’ the ‘R’. And good news for those two guys who needed quicker 0-60 times, that’s looking to be around 3.7 seconds! Top speed will be around 200mph. This thing will be a monster, and so will the price tag, your looking at over £100,000. Get saving. 

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