Strange Developments at Renault as 15,000 cars are recalled 

Just a week after they were raided by French Police, Renault has now recalled 15,000 cars. 

Factories in France were raided last week as Police looked for cheat devices, that effect the way Renault cars produce emissions. The car company has then this week recalled 15,000 cars to ‘adjust their engines’. 

A spokesman was quick to deny any similarities between this and VWs scandal, claiming there was simply a difference between the way cars worked in test scenarios and real world. The change to the cars was apparently already made to the production line in September, so this will only effect cars built before September last year and none of the cars have been sold yet.

There are also claims a further 700,000 vehicles will be ‘fixed’ by a software update, but Renault has denied these claims. The events this week and its relation to last week’s raids is still unclear, but Renault is extremely keen to distance itself from what happened to VW. Likewise the French government will be under pressure to make sure there is no effect on jobs, so expect to hear the sound of brushing and what looks like the  lifting of a carpet. 

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