Rave Reviews Pour in for New Ford Focus RS

With Ford announcing just last week an increase to their sporty lineup, the future looks even brighter for the blue oval, as rave reviews flood in for the new Focus RS.

The new Focus RS has now gone on sale, and the press has just got their hands on the car. With a race to be the first to break with a review of the new RS, both autoexpress and autocar have listed reviews for the fast ford today, even having countdowns to them going live. All the other mags are following suit and everyone is going nuts for it. Autocar and Autoexpress have chucked 5 stars on it, Top Tear are calling it a ‘game changer’, in short they love it. The reviews seem pretty indepth so we can rest assured they have actually driven it and not just put 5 stars up to match everyone else.

At just £30k, the RS essentially turns a family hatch back into a supercar eater, which means value for money wise it is the steal of the century. The secret to the RS success seems to be down to its new all wheel drive system, which is able to deliver power to any wheel that needs it, and adjust where it puts the power constantly. The 2.3 litre turbocharged engine means the focus is putting out 345bhp, so there’s a lot of power to go around too. The two coupled together means 0-60 in 4.7 seconds.
With plans to expand the sporty Ford lineup, to build on the reputation of the RS, this can only mean great things to come.

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