Damon Hill and Williams reunited 

Last weekend Damon Hill was at the Autosport international show at the NEC in Birmingham, where he was reunited with his Renault FW18, which he drove to the Formula 1 world championship in 1996.

Damon was talking old times and old cars with ‘The Times’, but it seems he still hasn’t quite forgiven Williams for dropping him the year he became world champion. If you are new to F1 then yes, you read that right. In 1996 Damon Hill won the world championship with Williams, but Williams (for some reason) had already decided earlier that year to replace him. Leading the then current F1 World Champion driving for ‘Arrows’ the following season!

Despite describing the FW18 (his title winning car) as the best car he’s ever driven, and the most memorable moment of his driving career as winning the title with Williams, when asked if he’d forgiven Williams for dropping him he decided the interview had ran out of time.

Damon is known for having a good sense of humour, but given the fact that Jacques Villeneuve went on to win the championship the next season, in a car Damon should have been driving, you could forgive Damon for being a bit bitter.  Even so, his win did provide one of the most memorable pieces of commentary in the history of F1.

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