The Greatest Car Movies of all time

As petrol heads a movie can be made or broken based on its choice, and use of cars. Most of us will happily sit through an hour and a half of the lamest dialogue or stupidest plots, if there’s a decent car scene. And just to be fair I’m going to be straight with you, this list is going to start off promising and then it’s going to nose dive badly, but I promise if you are a petrol head these are must sees.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job isn’t just one of the best car films, its one of the best films. Michael Caine performing a master class, the whole film is a perfect balance of just the right amount of laughs, with a serious plot. But more importantly it’s the greatest car advert of the 1960s. If the Queen had gotten all the British car companies together and asked them to make an advert they couldn’t of done better. It had everything E-type Jaguars, a convertible Aston Martin DB5, the trusty Land Rover and of course the three Mini Coopers. The film starts with a Lamborghini driving around the Italian mountains!

James Bond

There could be a whole list devoted entirely to bond (idea to come back to), but let’s just take the best one- Goldfinger. Aside from being a great film in its own right, there has never been a greater pairing on a screen as Sean Connery and an Aston Martin DB5. Any film where a DB5 chases a Mustang round some mountain roads is a good film.


Here comes that nose dive. Whilst no one is questioning Steve McQueen’s acting ability, he does need a script to be able to show it. No one knows what the plot is to Bullet, all anyone knows is that for some reason that plot leads to 10 minutes of Steve McQueen in a 67 Mustang racing a Dodge Charger, and that seemed to be just fine.

Vanishing Point

And talking about plots, Vanishing Point is ironically titled, because somewhere in the first five minutes of the film, the plot disappears. Things happen in this film that seem to bear no resemblance to any bigger meaning, but they happen. There’s no point in trying to understand the plot or search for a deeper meaning in it, it’s an hour and a half of a Dodge Challenger driving across America and its brilliant.

Two Lane Blacktop

Two lane black top has a little bit more plot than the two preceding it, even if the occasional scene seems to lack any dialogue whatsoever. Luckily it’s indie charm makes up for it, as a couple of guys in a 55 Chevy get into a race across the USA, against a GTO, driven by a guy who is quite clearly having a mid life crisis, if not a mental breakdown. It may not sound like the plot of dreams, but this has that cult film feeling and is a must for any petrol head.

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