Vauxhall to bring baby Corvette to take on Mustang

Vauxhall will show off its Vauxhall GT dubbed the baby corvette at this years Geneva motor show in March.

With clear inspiration from the Corvette, Vauxhall will show off the cars looks at this years show in March. The go ahead has not been given to build the car yet but should the green light be given, which seems likely, the car could be expected in 2017. 

It was known, towards the end of last year that a Vauxhall coupe was in the works, but Geneva will be the first opportunity to see it in the flesh. With Ford bringing the Mustang to the UK, Peugoet having the RCZ, Audi the TT and VW the sirocco this will be a direct rival from GM.

Expect the price range to be between 20-30k, and some sort of forced induction for that, given those air vents in the bonnet. Assuming the handling lives up to its good looks, it should be a cracker. 

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