VW have done it again- No compensation for UK owners 

VW are back in the news. Their UK boss has been dragged in front of MPs to answer questions on what the company will be doing to help owners of their cars with the emission ‘cheat’ device installed. 

The news was surprising, Paul Willis (UK VW boss) said the company would fix all the cars with the problem, but there would be no compensation as the cars would not cause higher taxes for their owners due to the emissions. Not taking into account the effect this could have on the cars resale value, or the inconvenience any of this will of caused the customers, not to mention the breakdown in trust.

Further to this VW is also claiming that the ‘defeat’ device isn’t strictly a ‘defeat’ device in the EU, even though in the US they have admitted it is a ‘defeat’ device- confusing to say the least. It won’t help them that a German court has already ruled it is a ‘defeat’ device. They also offered a good will package in the US, something not offered in the UK, which they now claim was not a compensation package, it’s unclear what they think it was. 

Given the way VW have already handled this, claiming at first to be totally surprised by this whole thing, as if the man in the factory had acted totally alone, installing this device. It seems they would benefit from a bit of honesty and stop trying to work out technicalities. 

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