Police Raid Renault Factories

Hot on the heels of VWs claim to fame, for being the biggest emissions cheats, it appears is Renault. At least that’s what the police who have raided their factories suspect.

Today police raided a number of factories in France to look for evidence of defeat devices fitted to Renault cars. Renault was quick to reassure everyone that there was no evidence of any cheat device and that the police had found nothing. They took the opportunity to reassure all their investors and employees that there was no risk of any device being found. However their investors didn’t like what they saw and share prices plummeted as the markets envisaged another VW scandal. 

The investigation is ongoing and police have seized a number of computers and devices. It is understood the investigation effects some 25 different models. 

In a slightly strange move Peugoet took the opportunity to reassure everyone they had no cheat devices on their cars either, although no one has accused them of this. Still good to know. 

So far there has been no evidence of cheat devices found, but the size of the police raid suggests they were fairly confident of finding something, so time will tell. What’s the old saying, no smoke without fire or innocent till proven guilty? 

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