New Top Gear Looking Up

It seems the new Top Gear woes are continuing and everytime there is a hint of drama the media are jumping on it. 

Last week it was reported that Chris Evans, struggles to talk and drive at the same time, which of course is fairly key to the show. Now this week it appears they have lost one of their rumoured presenters, as David Coultard agreed to follow F1 to Channel 4, and in the process remove himself from any chance of presenting on the new show. 

Chris Evans has admitted that when he walked in to the office following the change from Clarkson and Co, the mood was ‘apocalyptic’. Add to that the poaching of staff by Amazon to their new car show, and it’s clear that Evans and the team have been given a tough hand. 

However it appears Evans is at least realistic about what he can achieve. When talking to the Daily Mail he explained that he ‘isn’t expecting there to be the on screen chemistry that clarkson and co had, from the first episode’. Instead he has said he just wants to make ‘the best car program he can possibly make’, and that chemistry will come with time. Which seems totally fair. 

As a big petrol head himself, to the point of running his own annual car show, and someone experienced with entertaining, the show should be in sad hands.

The question does still remain though, with filming already having started, who are the other presenters? 

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