The Big stories from the Detroit Auto Show

The Detroit Auto Show will open this weekend to the public but the press have already been let loose round the place, and some big stories have already come through.



For whatever reason Hydrogen has lost a bit of favour compared to all Electric cars, recently. It’s a strange development given you can only go to the end of your road and back before a lengthy recharge in your electric car, whilst hydrogen offers all the benefits of petrol or diesel with none of the drawbacks. 

Anyway Audi have obviously spotted this and revealed a new concept the h-tron. This concept is based on the Q6 but has a hydrogen power plant that produces 308bhp but more importantly 500NM of torque and a 370 mile range. Oh and it will get you to 60mph in 7 seconds!

Volvo S90

Revealed in full, the Volvo that will take on the Germans is at the show. Full of technology such as being able to follow the car in front and guide itself using the white lines, at speeds up to 80 mph (up from 30mph), meaning no hands or feet driving. Volvo has certainly gone after the motorway mile-eater market, this is a car designed to protect you and cuddle you, so you arrive at your destination totally fresh. 

New E-Class


Revealed in full now, the new E-Class is at the show and flexing its technology muscles. Packed with tech, this car is historically the car that has brought about a whole raft of new innovations to the motoring industry. This one is certainly brimmed with tech and I mean brimmed, think of any tech and it’s got it, but offers more developments of existing technology than brand new features. That’s said it can drive itself at upto 130mph and has been given a license to roam around Nevada on its own. 

The M cars 

BMW is using the show to show off a new batch of M cars. First off is the M2, the smallest M car, but with its tiny size and rear wheel drive, and 365 bhp on tap it should be a riot to drive.

BMW have also added an M to their X4. This is not a full M car but at 355bhp and 0-60 in under 5 seconds, how much more can you need.

Lexus LC500


Lexus IS going after the 6 series BMW and the Jag Xk, with the new LC500. The car will come with a NA V8, 460bhp but is designed to be as close to the ridiculous LFA as possible, it’s certainly got the striking looks!

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