The Class of 2016

Of course there is a whole gaggle of cars coming out in 2016, and whilst there is too many to even mention, some are so boring they probably don’t deserve to be mentioned. So here instead is a directors cut of the new cars hitting showrooms this year.

Aston Martin DB11

You may not be able to afford it but just knowing it exists is enough. The DB9 will finally make way for the new head of the Aston Martin line up. Being the head of the Aston line up, it goes without saying, this one is important.


Honda NSX 

The return of a champion. The original NSX was the GT40 of its day, an impossible supercar beater from an everyman car manafacturer. The original was tuned by Ayrton Senna and that pedigree looks to be brought through by the kings of innovation Honda.


Jaguar F Pace

Absolutely key to Jagua’rs success is this car. Currently Jaguar out classes its rivals in most of the arenas it fights in. The problem is they don’t fight in enough arenas, as their range isn’t big enough. All their rivals, make a lot of money from people who want an off roader they will never take off road, and now Jaguar is coming to that arena too. Strange name but as with every with Jaguar should be a class leader.

Volvo S90

Important car for Volvo, who are stepping up to battle against the Germans and Jaguar. No longer will Volvo exist in the inbetween land of BMW and the Fords of the world, instead they are targeting BMW and co. The new Volvo looks fantastic with a particularly chiselled jaw line. 

BMW 5 series

And here comes the competition. Having been dealt a bloody nose by the Jaguar XF, BMW need to respond with some of the class and sophistication that used to make them the class leader. This then will be a key car to decide the best executive salon.

Ford Edge 

Not particularly interesting car, except that being an SUV and an affordable one at that. You will see these everywhere, becoming a school run favourite in 2016. So prepare yourself for more anger at people in 4×4 not seeing anyone else on the road.


Think we missed one? Let us know in the comments

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