Stolen Cortinas in Kent area

Jan 21st Update:

The Police have linked the 5 cases together but decided that there is insufficient evidence to keep investigating. However if new evidence comes to light they will investigate, so if you happen to of seen 5 Cortinas arrive lately, and they weren’t there before, please let the police know. We understand the Police have got murders to solve and this probably lacks (slightly) below that, but this has to be the easiest crime to solve. There’s 5 of them, one of them must of gone past a camera. 

Original post:

We don’t usually do these kind of posts, but this one is especially unusual. In the last few weeks 5 Cortinas have gone missing in, and around, the Kent area, 3 from the same town. Anyone who has seen any of them, or thinks they may have, should contact the police immediately. The Police are investigating but so far the cars have not been returned to their owners, and no arrests have been made. Here are those who are missing: 

Stolen from Chatham, Kent, Brown MK3 2nd January 2016, LVB 173K, one of two Cortinas stolen in the same night. There are reports of a lorry with 2 Cortinas on the back, seen heading towards the Dartford Crossing. 

 Red Mk5 Cortina Crusader, XPK871Y, Chatham, Kent 2nd January 2016, Stolen the same night as the Brown Mk 3 Cortina LVB 173K. As stated above there was a sighting of a lorry with 2 Cortina’s on the back, seen heading towards the Dartford Crossing.

Stolen in Camberwell on 4th January 2016. Bronze with unusual front wing mirrors, HCR 296L.

Family owned from new, stolen on 9th January 2016, Green Mk3 Cortina OSF722P, Lordswood, Chatham, Kent

‘A witness reported seeing the car being towed by a black saloon with blacked out windows & no lights at around 10:30pm on Saturday night’ 

Green Cortina Mk5 Estate South London, Stolen on 6th December 2015, with roof rack, W reg   

We will be keeping this upto date with developments but in the meantime please share and pass on this information and #Findthecortinas

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4 thoughts on “Stolen Cortinas in Kent area

  1. Someone needs to be at the next banger race to see what turns up seen going the Dartford crossing shows that they are going into Essex stolen cars have been found in banger yards before


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