The Top Selling Cars 2015, Ford Fiesta topping the charts and records broken

In the interest of trying to do the opposite to click bate, we’ve tried to give as much away as possible in the title. 

So despite all the general noise about trouble in the economy, it seems that hasn’t put off people from buying a new set of wheels. 2015 ended up being a record year for UK car sales with 2.6 million cars being registered! 

Of those 2.6 million cars sold there were a few familiar faces which round out the top ten listed below, and it was unsurprising to see Ford absolutely ran away with it. However VW will likely have a tough time matching these sales in 2016, after Klaus was left to do all the emissions testing without any supervision and without any knowledge of anyone else in VW…. Bad Klaus! 

1. Ford Fiesta- 133K

2. Vauxhall Corsa- 92K

3.Ford Focus- 83K

4.VW Golf (pictured)- 73K

5.Nissan Qashqai- 60K

6.VW Polo (pictured)- 54K

7.Vauxhall Astra- 52K

8. Audi A3- 47K

9.Mini- 47K

10. Vauxhall Mokka- 45K

Let us know if you are surprised not to see any cars in the top ten.


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