CES 2016: the Tech Coming to a Car Near You

The Consumer Electronics Show is currently taking place in Las Vegas and the biggest names in motoring are there showing off the technology that will soon be in all our cars. These are the big tech stories coming out.

Autonomous Cars

All the big manafacturers seem to be focused on this right now. Ford were expected to announce a partnership with Google at the show, but instead announced they will triple their investment in autonomous cars. Likewise Audi have been making some big noises about developing their own driverless cars in 2016 and Toyota have announced a huge new research department with one of their keys goals to develop an autonomous car incapable of crashing! So get ready to let go of the wheel because driverless cars are coming.

Smart Cars

No, not those tiny cars that seem severely limited, ‘smart’ like a smart phone. The words on every big manufacturers lips is ‘home control’. Audi, VW and Ford have been talking about controlling your home from your car, so you can tell your car to put the heating on before you get home. This seems like something that will be coming to a lot of cars in 2016, so you can make those crucial decisions like whether to have the heating at 17 or 18, before you have even got on the motorway.


Another big feature at CES has been touch screen. Every manafacturer wants to put touch screens in front of you and they want them everywhere. Bosch have even developed a touch screen that covers the whole dash and centre console, and that feels like you are actually touching buttons, for that authentic click feeling.

Bye bye Mirror

It seems surprising that in 2015 we can have a camera the size of an ant, and yet we still have mirrors in our cars.  Well BMW have had this same thought and come up with a mirror less car, the i8 concept has no mirrors just cameras so you can see everything around the car without having to move your head. This feels like something that will be here very soon and will mean an end to those clipped wing mirrors.

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