The Greatest Car Adverts of all time

It’s fair to say car advertising isn’t the best. Most car adverts are just plain confusing, some barely show the car they are selling whilst others look for some sort of deep meaning. But every now and again one gets it just right. Here’s a run down of the ones that nailed it.

Mercedes Benz

Everyone remembers the Mercedes advert from the 90s. Responsible for a generation of children growing up aspiring to own a Mercedes. This was off the back of the 1980s, a time when Mercedes was a byword for unequivocal luxury, their cars were described as being ‘over engineered’ and this advert captured that aspirational tone perfectly.


The most recent Jaguar advert plays on the stereotype of British actors playing the best bag guys in films. A host of A list celebrities later, and you’ve got the perfect blend of movie star bad guys and mean looking Jaguars that speaks to everyone’s inner villain.


The best mustang for two decades coupled with the man who was partly responsible for making it so famous in the first place. The 2005 Ford Mustang advert involved a cgi Steve McQueen and brought back waves of nostalgia from that original bullet car chase. The cgi looks a little dated now but the coolness factor of Steve McQueen and a Mustang can never be underestimated. They later tried it again, this time with the Ford Puma… that didn’t work quite the same.

The Mini

For some reason everyone loves the mini. The reason being- they are brilliant. As synonymous with British life as Big Ben, an original mini always raises a smile. Having a mini is more like having a pet than having a car, so when British Leyland put this advert together in the 1980s for Christmas they pulled on a national heart strings. A mini isn’t just for Christmas.

The Golf GTI

This is the infamous Golf GTI advert. The guy that’s put all his mony on red but it came up black, but he’s got a GTI. Unfortunately he may have to sell the GTI to cover what is clearly a gambling addiction.


The brains behind a whole series of great adverts but the first one to get people talking didn’t even have a car in it. Or at least an assembled one. The ‘cog’ advert kept people talking for ages about how they did t, turned out cgi.

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