New F-Type British Design Edition- Tea & Scones not included 

Jaguar have announced a ‘British Design’ version of their Jaguar F-Type. As usual with special editions, this is a kind of amalgamation of two existing trim packs (the ‘S ‘and ‘R’) with a few special touches.

To hopefully answer some immediate questions you will have about this new model; there is no tea making facilities in the car, no special tea cup holder, no scones to be seen at all, and not one painting of a spitfire.

On first look then, Jaguar has dropped the ball on this one. The basis for the special edition is the All Wheel Drive S model of the F-type but it also gets the savage braking system from the ‘R’ model. The only exclusive items to the special edition is a new blue option colour, unique 20 inch grey alloy wheels and special badging to the exterior and interior, to make it clear to everyone you bought the special edition model. Apart from that all the items on the car are all options on other models.
Whilst it may not be awash with new features, and the small boot is impossible to have a full game of cricket in, it only takes one look at this thing in the new exclusive blue finish, to start considering how much money you would get from remortgaging the house.

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