Top Instagram Car related accounts

Instagram is fantastic! There’s never been easier access to your daily fix of amazing motors. But with only 24 hours in a day and some of those dedicated to sleeping, eating, driving and taking pictures of your own car, there isn’t much time left for looking at cars on Instagram.  Time is of the essence then. Luckily we have put together a list of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you are a petrol head, so you can make sure you are getting your daily dose.

Six even six 

Mixing sophisticated looking pictures of coffee with pure unadulterated car porn, means you can get your fix and to the casual over the shoulder watcher, you are an admirer of the finer things in life. In this case a fabulous Citroen DS on the streets of London.

Jay Lenos Garage

You should of course know Jay Leno if you are serious about your cars, but in case you have consumed too many exhaust fumes and forgotten who he is, he only owns one of the biggest car collections in the world, oh and uploads videos of him driving them to YouTube. Sometimes you don’t have ten minutes of video time though, you need pictures of American muscle and it needs to be now.

Top gear 

If you demand your cars new and largely sideways, you need to be following the official top gear feed. Top gear looks likely to be off our screens for a long time, and the magazine is expensive, but you can get all you need for free on Instagram.

Evo magazine

Much like Top Gear, if you need your cars high performance and photographed by very expensive cameras, look no further. You also get a wide range of cars from up and down the price list and of different ages, as long as it’s fast it’s there.


With a good mix of generations and always a great shot, this is an excellent feed for retro and classic car admirers. Far from the ordinary shots of classics lowered two inches and on a set of new rims, this feed always strives for an unusual angle or setting and has a great use of filters and other photography techniques to make the cars ‘pop out’!



Another one for the classic car lover, but for those who prefer things a bit simpler. No funny filters here or gimics, just pure and simple photos of classic cars, taken by a bloke just wandering around Germany. A great diversity of classics though and new posts are up all the time so you won’t get withdrawal symptoms.

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