New Top Gear, New Clarkson, New 5th Gear

With all the drama which unfolded last year with Top Gear, it’s become difficult to keep track of which Motoring Shows are on and when, so here is a quick run down.

New Top Gear

The new Top Gear is reportedly in melt down, Chris Evans brought in a brand new producer, who he’d worked with previously, she has now left. Chris then crashed a new Jag, although it is unclear why that was such a big deal. Its clearly all getting out of hand so now it’s rumoured that David Coultard will be brought in as a presenter, to try and dull it all down a bit. There are reportedly problems with the production crew, knowing nothing about cars, and conflicts between the BBC and Evans. So it looks like new Top Gear is a long way away from our screens, which may not be a bag thing.

New 5th Gear

Poor old 5th Gear, the bell that really will never get invited to the ball. You could be excused for not realising that a new series of the nations favourite rejects from old, old Top Gear, was on at the end of last year. It’s now moved from Channel 5 to ITV4 and repeats are regularly on. The good news is the cast has been slimmed down from 25 different people who changed every series, to a core 3 (wonder where they go that idea from) Tiff, Vicki and Jonny.

Clarkson, Hammond and May

The as yet un-named new show will be on Amazon Prime and it’s been confirmed this will consist of 3 series of 12 episodes. It will also be available in 4k and has a huge budget, so lookforward to more of the same from the trio. Filming has already begun so look for an announcement this year around a release date.

For the Love of Cars

The classic car enthusiast favourite, where forgotten classics are brought back to life with the help of Phil Glenister and Ant Anstead. The show has now completed two series and is rumoured to be working on putting together a third series to build on the success of the last two, but as yet nothing is confirmed. Hopefully there will be confirmation in the next few months.


Another favourite among the classic car fans, will be returning in the Spring. Fuzz and Tim will be saving some more classics from a rusty grave. It seems likely there will be 10 episodes as per previous series, but no clues have yet been given as to the models getting the restoration treatment. It looks to be coming to National Geographic first.

Wheeler Dealers

The show that virtually created the classic car; buy, restore, sell format will be back in the summer of 2016. Despite creating the format and developing fairly well, with increasingly large budgets over the years, the show increasingly looks dated compared to newer series, so hopefully a refresh will come along too. Maybe this will be the series Ed finally bills for his labour.The show will be back on 4th July at 9pm on Discovery.

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