Where is the most famous car in the world?

In 1964 a star was born, and Sean Connery had the pleasure of performing alongside it. The DB5 from Goldfinger, is the most famous car in the world. Whilst Db5s are surprisingly common in car museums, there was only two from the original film. One was fitted with all the optional extras you need if you are an international spy; ejector seat, machine guns, bullet proof shield, oil slick etc etc. The other was the ‘road’ car and was totally standard.

Since then the ‘road’ car has been fitted with all the special effects equipment and is in private ownership. However the ‘effects’ car which was originally fitted with the optional tracking device, was stolen in 1997 from a hanger in Florida. An extensive search was undertaken, and tyre marks were found on the floor, suggesting it had been dragged against its will, but nothing was found.

Conspiracy theories still circulate about the theft being an insurance job, due to the huge sum the car was reported to be insured for, and talk of it being dumped in the sea, taken away by plane swirl around the internet. Those conspiracy theories have only been stoked by the previous owners conviction recently for conspiracy to commit organized scheme to defraud and grand theft, in relation to a housing development in Florida.

So whilst one is safe in private hands, the other continues to be missing even 18 years after its disappearance.

Whatever the case may be, we can all still marvel in that oh so cool appearance in Goldfinger, has there ever been something as cool as Sean Connery chasing a mustang around mountain roads in an Aston Martin?

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